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Clients and Partners share their experiences collaborating with Bennett Global:

"Jeff has been an amazing mentor at Techstars for many years. He consistently gets high marks from the founders he works with, and leaves them wanting more. He helped us acquire the domain name and did an amazing job getting us a great deal. Jeff is also a great ambassador to the wider startup community, and a friend to startups everywhere. He's a rock star in the startup and domain worlds!"


David Cohen

TechStars Co-Founder

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Jeff for over 20 years, both as an employee and business partner. We worked together at Lycos and later at Namemedia. During those years Jeff was a true mentor who taught me how to structure large deals, the importance of keeping a laser focus on exceeding revenue goals, all while treating people with respect, and never losing sight of the human side of business.  Jeff has been one of the most influential people in my career, and I'm proud to call him a friend, mentor and business partner."

Ted McNulty

AdDaptive VP of Sales

After six months of fundraising, I find myself in a world in which everything needs doin at once, and it's all important. One critical task entailed the purchase of a Domain, which is how I found myself introduced to Jeff. He has worked extensively with one of my venture backers over the years, and I had high hopes that he could handle the purchase effectively. What I did not count on was the speed, efficiency and precision that he could bring to what can be a painful process. So instead of a complex, extended negotiation, I'm looking at a process – soup to nuts – that will be completed in under 48 hour process. I positively look forward to an opportunity to do business with Jeff again in the future."

Michael Laskoff

Annum Founder  & CEO

"Jeff is a strong tech company leader. He has especially strong marketing skills - probably the best I have ever seen - and business development skills, but beyond that, he's a student of every aspect of building strong technology companies."

Marty Cagan

Silicon Valley Product Group Partner

"Jeff’s rare combination of a vast network of substantive contacts, broad strategic thinking and successful execution experience makes him a highly valuable advisor.  Specifically on our work together at Attend, Jeff was a key contributor recruiting at both the management and board level, building out our eco-system framework and guiding the business through a dual track process that ultimately led to the successful merger with Event Farm.  On a personal note, more important than Jeff’s credentials and experience, his integrity and focus on people stands out in every action that he takes. Jeff understands the nuances of building a business and how to motivate based on circumstances."

Matt Engel CEO

"Jeff is a visionary business leader with a rare talent for building strong teams and inspiring his people. I was fortunate enough to work for him during my time at NameMedia and his mentoring had a remarkable shaping influence on my career. His talents for identifying hidden opportunities, setting a strategy and closing big deals are matched only by his abilities to build organizations that can refine and execute against his vision. He creates companies where people love coming to work and where they are able to exceed even their own expectations for themselves."

Robb Rossell

Bain & Company Global Digital Marketing Partner

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